This product is a solid emulsion of water in oil, pale yellow, creamy and homogeneous with no streakiness or evident free moisture. manufactured from fresh pasteurized cream derived from whole cow-milk, chilled and aged prior to churning on a continuous butter-maker to give a finished product with not less than 81% fat and non-salted.

physical & chemical specifications:

butterfat: 81% minimum
moisture content 16.5% maximum
milk solids (non-fat): 2.5 % maximum
salt none
free fatty acids: 1.2 mmole / 100 g fat
lipase not detectable in 1 gram
peroxidase value 0.3 max meq oxygen / 1000 g fat
non milk fat not detectable

microbiological specifications:
total viable count <5000/gm
coliforms not detectable in 1 g
e.coli absent in 1 gram
salmonella absent in 25 grams
coagulase +ve staphylococci absent in 1 gram
yeasts <50 / gm
moulds <50 / gm
listeria absent in 25 grams